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We offer a high level of service, comfort, and technologically advanced care at Barner Family Dental Care.

Barner Family Dental Care is designed around the principles of comfort, complete attention to detail, and compassion. That’s why we combine state-of-the-art technology with a variety of amenities to enhance your dental care experience every time you visit our Smithfield office. When you visit Barner Family Dental Care, you’re in for a high standard of dental care.

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Dental Care Technology

New dental technologies are regularly being introduced, and many of these advancements have greatly improved our ability to care for your oral health. At Barner Family Dental Care, we believe in keeping up with these new tools so that you know you’re receiving completely modern care. Our dental care technology includes:

  • Digital X-Rays
  • Digital Panorex
  • DIAGNOdent
  • Hard Tissue Laser
  • Soft Tissue Laser

Digital panorex, digital X-rays, and DIAGNOdent are all excellent tools for assessing the state of your oral health. With the help of these various technologies, we can find the warning signs of future problems before they become obvious, and we can also use the digital images produced by these technologies to help you understand your treatment planning and our recommendations for your dental care. DIAGNOdent is one of several laser technologies used in our Smithfield dental office, and this small hand-held piece can show us where cavities may be developing.

Lasers have the power to lessen the negative effects of various procedures while improving the chances of comfortable and successful dental care. We use the VersaWave hard and soft tissue laser, giving us the versatility to treat teeth, bone, and gums. The VersaWave dental laser can be used to perform cavity preparations, decay removal, enamel etching for dental restorations  and debridement. We can also use the VersaWave dental laser to cut, shave, and contour bone, and perform various gum therapies, including biopsies, gingivectomies, and abscess incision. What does this mean for your care? When we use a dental laser to perform these treatments and others, you benefit from greater precision, less discomfort, and improved healing. There is little to no bleeding with procedures performed using the dental laser, and the heat from the VersaWave increases sterilization.

Comforts and Sedation

At Barner Family Dental Care in Smithfield, RI, we see a lot of anxious patients. Why? We’ve designed our office to be as comforting and relaxing as possible. We offer nitrous oxide for sedation dentistry, and our dentists use special techniques to make injections far more comfortable.

Our office comforts include:

  • Stereo Headphones
  • Satellite Radio
  • TV in Waiting Room
  • Blankets

We’ve created a new operatory in our Smithfield office to provide patients with the spa-like atmosphere and high-end service many desire.

Would you like to experience this level of commitment to modern dental care and complete comfort? Contact Barner Family Dental Care in Smithfield, RI for an appointment. We also see patients from Lincoln, Cumberland, Glocester, Southeastern Massachusetts, and beyond, offering our high standard of care to countless families from all over Rhode Island.

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