Teeth Whitening for Smithfield, RI

With Kör deep bleaching, you can experience a dazzling smile.

When you love your smile, you feel like showing it off. Smiling has the power to positively affect everyone around you, and people are attracted to those who smile often. Professional teeth whitening with Kör deep bleaching can inspire you to smile like never before. We use this revolutionary teeth whitening system at Barner Family Dental Care in Smithfield, Rhode Island.

What are the benefits of teeth whitening with Kör deep bleaching? Kör offers:

  • Beautiful and natural-looking results
  • Teeth whitening for resistant stains
  • Diminished sensitivity
  • Permanent results
  • Safety and effectiveness
  • Great for ages 14 and up

We offer both Kör in-office teeth whitening and take-home bleaching, making it easy for you to find a way that fits your needs and lifestyle. Kör teeth whitening works by improving the tooth’s ability to take in oxygen, which then removes stains. It is the only teeth whitening system that can be permanently maintained with occasional home touch ups.

Will teeth whitening hurt?

Some patients avoid teeth whitening because they’re worried about discomfort and increased sensitivity. Kör teeth whitening is different. Extensive research was done during development to produce a teeth whitening gel that causes very low or even no sensitivity. We want to encourage patients to follow their dreams of a beautiful smile, and we don’t want fear of increased sensitivity to stand between you and teeth whitening at our Smithfield, RI dental office.

What to Expect from Kör Teeth Whitening

Kör teeth whitening can have dramatic results, sometimes even whitening your smile up to 16 shades. Of course, results can vary depending on various factors, including age and the types of stains involved, but Kör is known for being able to lift stubborn stains that don’t respond to other teeth whitening systems.

More About Take-Home Teeth Whitening

When you opt for take-home teeth whitening with Kör, we’ll create custom trays for you to wear throughout the process. Because they’re made just for you, these trays will fit comfortably and produce even results. Take-home teeth whitening offers predictable effectiveness and convenience, making it a popular choice at our Smithfield practice.

We can perform teeth whitening on its own or as part of a comprehensive smile makeover, combining this procedure with other cosmetic dentistry treatments to completely transform your appearance. Want to explore all of your options? Contact Barner Family Dental Care to make an appointment for a consultation. We serve Smithfield, Lincoln, Cumberland, Glocester, Southeastern Massachusetts, and beyond. If you’ve got a big event coming up or just want to improve your self-confidence, patients from all over Rhode Island should consider teeth whitening and other cosmetic dental care options from Barner Family Dental Care. 

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