Periodontal Care for Smithfield, RI

Barner Family Dental Care offers advanced gum health care.

Dentists don’t just take care of teeth. Your gums need protection, too, and taking care of your gum health is one of the most important things we do at Barner Family Dental Care in Smithfield, RI. We offer various periodontal therapies and treatments to help you maintain healthy gums and an attractive smile. Fight gum disease with help from Barner Family Dental Care.

Periodontal disease is degenerative, meaning that the intensity and level of damage it causes slowly increases over time. It will begin to deteriorate the attachment between the gums and teeth, and you may feel your teeth begin to loosen. At every dental exam, we’ll measure the depth of the pockets around your teeth to see if you’re experiencing damage from gum disease.

Periodontal care begins with regular visits to our Smithfield family dentistry office for routine hygiene treatments. Regular hygiene combined with daily brushing and flossing can help prevent gum disease. However, if you do experience gum disease, we offer both non-surgical and surgical periodontal care therapies to treat the problem and its side effects.

Gum Disease Therapy

There are several ways we can help those suffering from gum disease. Periodontal care for gum disease is so important because gums are part of the support structure that keeps teeth in place, and advanced gum disease will eventually threaten bone and lead to tooth loss. Conservative gum disease therapy can often stop mild to moderate gum disease and prevent extensive damage. This periodontal care will consist of scaling and root planing, deep cleaning processes that remove the inflammation-causing debris from around and below the gum line. You’ll then revisit our office regularly for periodontal care and cleaning to keep recurrence at bay.

More Advanced Periodontal Care

Sometimes patients require surgical periodontal care, and we can perform this treatment at our Smithfield, RI dental office too. We use soft tissue lasers to make periodontal surgery more effective. Periodontal care may include gum grafts and tissue regeneration to help you overcome damage from gum disease, and using lasers during these oral surgery treatments means faster healing, greater sterilization, and improved precision for exacting results.

If you notice the signs of gum disease – bleeding gums, bad breath, swelling, redness – contact our office for an appointment. But don’t wait until you need advanced periodontal care to visit us; gum disease often doesn’t show symptoms until it has progressed, and damage could be occurring without your knowledge. With regular visits to our Smithfield, RI dental office, you can experience improved oral health through periodontal care and other general dental treatments. We also see patients from Lincoln, Cumberland, Glocester, and Southeastern Massachusetts, as well as all over Rhode Island, so don’t hesitate to do what’s best for your gums and smile.

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