Oral Surgery in Smithfield, RI

Barner Family Dental Care improves health and function with oral surgery.

There may be times when you need oral surgery, and Barner Family Dental Care in Smithfield, RI offers a variety of surgical treatments to improve comfort, function, and health. We can use surgical techniques to replace teeth, repair jaw bone, and rehabilitate gums. Oral surgery helps us foster lifelong healthy smiles for our patients and their families.

What types of oral surgery will you find at Barner Family Dental Care?

  • Dental implant placement involves the surgical implantation of titanium “tooth roots” into the jaw bone. This form of tooth replacement is preferred by many for the sense of security and confidence it encourages.
  • Bone grafting is an oral surgery that can be used to build up jaw bone that has deteriorated because of gum disease or tooth loss. We can perform bone grafting to prepare you for dental implants placement or to improve the fit of dentures.
  • Tissue regeneration can help when gums have been damaged by disease. Receding gums have traditionally been an untreatable problem, but with tissue regeneration, we can encourage the regrowth of these supporting structures to make your smile more secure.
  • Periodontal surgery is sometimes used to treat severe gum disease that doesn’t respond to non-surgical treatments.

We can also use oral surgery techniques to remove problem teeth, including wisdom teeth. Oral surgery is often needed when disease, injury, or problems in development have damaged your teeth, gums, or jaw bone.

To make your oral surgery more comfortable, we offer nitrous oxide and local anesthetic. Many patients appreciate our special technique for administering local anesthetic, which greatly reduces any discomfort normally associated with injection to make the experience far more pleasant. We use five different types of topical and local anesthetic, and by using a ph neutral anesthetic prior to administering the local anesthetic, we eliminate the sting.

Patients from all over Rhode Island like to make Barner Family Dental Care their regular dental care home because we offer such an array of advanced services, including oral surgery. To make an appointment with Dr. Phillip Barner or Dr. Gregory Barner, contact us. We serve the areas of Springfield, Lincoln, Cumberland, Glocester, and Southeastern Massachusetts, helping area families experience high quality care in a comforting environment. We’ll soothe you with our office comforts and gentle techniques, helping you feel right at home during each and every visit. Whether it’s for a comprehensive general dental exam or an oral surgery procedure, we look forward to seeing you at Barner Family Dental Care!

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