Dentures and Partials in Smithfield, RI

Full and partial dentures have been reliably replacing lost teeth for decades.

Even with advancements in tooth replacement, full dentures and partial dentures continue to be used to help those who’ve lost their smiles. Unlike other types of tooth replacement, like fixed bridges or dental implants, dentures and partials are removable. There are reasons you might opt for a denture or partial denture over these other forms of tooth replacement, and we’ll help you decide on the best course of action at Barner Family Dental Care in Smithfield, Rhode Island.

A full denture can be used to replace all of your teeth, while a partial denture is recommended for those who’ve lost a few teeth at various spots on the arch. A partial can clasp to your remaining teeth, and a full denture is held in place by fit, suction, and occasionally adhesive.

Why would you select a denture or partial denture for your tooth replacement? Many people are looking for more affordable dental care, and dentures and partials represent a very cost effective way of replacing missing teeth. But while dentures and partials are affordable, you’re not skimping on quality when you pursue this option at our Smithfield dental office. We maintain relationships with dental labs that employ the latest materials and techniques to craft beautiful and comfortable dentures and partials.

Some patients, too, opt for a denture or partial denture because of health issues that would complicate the dental implants placement process. Dental implants can require bone grafting, sinus lifts, soft tissue grafting, and other preparatory procedures for those who’ve suffered damage to the supporting structures that will anchor the implants. Also, some health complications can make osseointegration – the process by which implants fuse to bone – extremely difficult. Dentures and partials are an excellent choice for patients who might otherwise have no other options for tooth replacement.

We encourage you to consider all of your tooth replacement options with a trip to our Smithfield office. We’ll discuss each option with you, examine your mouth to determine your level of oral health, and give you various plans for how we might go about replacing your teeth with a denture, partial denture, fixed bridge, or dental implant.

If you’re missing teeth, we strongly encourage you to replace them. This isn’t just an esthetic issue; missing teeth lead to various future problems and make it difficult to function normally. If you’re avoiding visiting the dentist for tooth replacement for any reason, we want to assure you that our goal at Barner Family Dental Care is to make the process as comfortable, compassionate, and affordable as possible.

Make an appointment at our Smithfield, RI dental office to discuss dentures, partials, or other types of tooth replacement with Dr. Phillip Barner or Dr. Gregory Barner. Barner Family Dental Care serves patients from Smithfield, Lincoln, Cumberland, Glocester, Southeastern Massachusetts, and surrounding communities, offering advanced techniques and materials to produce results beyond your expectations. We're happy to serve smiles from all over Rhode Island!

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